Barrie Bonded Fillings to Repair Tooth Decay

Are you looking for a better restorative process for your dental complications such as cavities or chips other than metal or amalgam solutions? Luckily, advancements in dental technology, the use of bonded filings have made the restoration process easier and given even more appealing results.

If you or any of your family members have cavities, decayed or chipped teeth, then Barrie bonded fillings might be the best dental solution for you.

What Are Bonded Fillings?

Bonded fillings are among the best methods of restoring damaged teeth. Traditionally, such restorations used amalgam or metal that are highly visible and problematic for people who are sensitive to metals. They could sometimes contain mercury and didn’t last very long. In contrast, bonded fillings are made of highly durable and tooth-colored materials like composite and porcelain resin.

Natural Looking Barrie Bonded Fillings

The tooth-colored material is used to:

  • Treat Decay
  • Fill in gaps between teeth
  • Replace old fillings
  • Repair cracks or chips
  • Create a more uniform smile

Additionally, a person with existing damaged or worn-out fillings can greatly benefit from bonded filling replacements.

Benefits of Barrie Bonded Fillings

  • They give a more natural look than metal fillings as the composite resembles your enamel’s natural shade. The composite’s white color adds an aesthetic appeal to your smile.
  • The material can be sculpted into any desired shape thus giving aesthetically pleasing results.
  • It is a quick procedure that typically requires a single appointment.

What Can You Expect from Barrie Bonded Fillings Procedure?

We start off by removing the decay and cleaning the area. We then bond the composite, securing the filling in place. We then treat the filling with blue light and touch-up work to remove any excess materials and achieve the perfect look.

With bonded fillings, you can proudly reclaim and enhance your gorgeous smile, take on any social and professional encounters with confidence and poise. Let us help you maintain your smile and oral health.

Bonded dental fillings in Barrie